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London River Crossing TFL & London Chamber

London river crossing problems continue to grow. London’s population is now forecast to be 10m by 2031 and 11.5 by 2050. Most of this growth will be in east London. The hot topic for business in the local area is what can be done to improve the river crossing if you are in a vehicle?


Over the last 20 years there has been huge investment in public transport with the DLR, Jubilee, East London line and soonish to be completed Crossrail. The increase in traveller capacity has made a huge difference. But what about cars, buses and lorries?

Well, the simple answer is there has been no investment in London river crossings. There are 22 river crossings to the west and only two tunnels (Rotherhithe and Blackwall) between Tower Bridge and Dartford, not forgetting the ageing Woolwich Ferry. Free flow will be introduced to Dartford very soon, which will help ease congestion. A humorous irritation of queuing behind someone for 30 minutes only to have to wait even longer whilst they try and find the £2 they need when it’s their own moment of glory.

Today Richard de Cani, Director of Strategy and Policy from TFL spoke to the London Chamber members about the options currently being discussed. The good news is 1 tunnel and 2 bridges are under serious consideration.

The most likely is another tunnel using the Blackwall approach to Silvertown. This proposed tunnel will not suffer from the over height issues that currently plague us with lorry drivers who cannot read or hope by letting their tyres down, think they’ll fit under the height barrier. Consultation starts at the end of this year and could be in place in 4 -5 years.

All new crossings will incur a toll fee to cross, required to help manage the control of traffic more than an issue to generate revenue, do we buy this argument? Will the charge be extended across the whole of London, not in the West so why in the East?

Swing bridges are not an option, apparently we don’t want to wait 20 minutes whilst an occasional tall ship plods up the Thames. Personally I’d prefer to have the option to wait 20 minutes rather than sit in the current queues. More crossings, more options please.

Tunnels are better but more expensive, surely the expense is a drop in the ocean (sorry river). Bank bailouts and Crossrail billions come to mind. I would wager many a long term investor would happily commit their pension fund to the kind of returns another crossing would generate.

Tall bridges need longer approach roads, this adds to the complexity of the local environment but they are cheaper, depends on how you work out value I suppose!

The growth figures for East London are huge and with already congested roads it’s a necessity the government provide infrastructure that will help business and local people prosper.

The sooner the better I say.

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Cloud IT Consultancy London SE Chamber

We enjoyed a South East London Chamber lunch yesterday where we provided a little IT consultancy around the cloud  (internet). The title Harness the power of the cloud attracted around 30 local businesses. Death by PowerPoint it was not (we hope), the  presentation covered a brief overview of what the cloud can do for organisations. Advantages and disadvantages were discussed.

it consulting london

The favourite image of the day, our retiring server

  • What is the “Cloud”?
  • Examples of Cloud Services available
  • History
  • Opinion of the Cloud
  • Growth of Cloud Computing
  • Who are the players?
  • What gives the Cloud such an advantage?
  • The Different Cloud Types
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Cloud Backup
  • Virtual Desktop / Remote Desktop
  • Website
  • Conclusion

Our intention was to deliver some technical information to non-technical people in a way they could simply understand. This we feel was achieved and hope to do more of these type of information based seminars/workshops in the future.

As an IT consultant we like to give both sides of the argument for cloud, every business is different and with that their needs and expectations are too.

This is our conclusion:

  • Cloud is an essential part of your overall IT setup. You can move over completely or just cherry pick the parts that make sense for your business and the way you work.
  • Consider the key components, data, email, office, database, ERP, CRM, accounts, web.
  • Public or Private is choice.
  • The ISPs, telcos, and media companies control your access. Putting all your faith in the Cloud means you’re also putting all your faith in continued, unfettered access.
  • What about the intellectual property issues. Who owns the data you store online? Is it you or the company storing it? Consider how many times there’s been widespread controversy over the changing terms of service for companies like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Cloud computing provides SME’s with access to Enterprise level technology without the need for large upfront investment.
  • With Cloud the IT is someone else’s headache, not yours.
  • There is no one solution that fits all needs. Find an IT consultancy who can understand your needs and then help you choose the right options.

Do you agree ?

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